Korean is spoken by about 80 millions in South Korea, North Korea, and China. It is the official language South Korea and North Korea, and is one of the two official languages in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China.

Korean is grammatically similar to Japanese, because they both are the subject-object-verb (SOV) language. About 50% to 70% Chinese characters called "hanja" are adapted for Korean and complemented by phonetic systems.
The Korean script was created in 1443, and distributed in September, 1446 by Sejong the Great. It was the day that "한글날(Hahn-keul-lal)" was established by law. The purpose of the creation was to help the people speak their mind easily, to have our own language, and to put Chinese characters in order.

South Korea does have various official exams, such as 한글능력검정시험 (only in Japan), 한국어능력시험(TOPIK), 세계한국어인증시험(KLPT)and 한국어 레벨테스트(KLT). If you are planning to apply the university in Korea, you have to take TOPIK. Anyway, we created the website in order to help you guys studying Korean. We really hope that this website helps you to improve your Korean language skill. So don't hesitate to request contents via the contact us page. Good luck!

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