Consonants - 자음

There are 19 consonants in Korean.
The word '자음' is derived from Chinese characters' '아들 자(子)' means a son and '소리 음(音)' means a sound, which means 'the son/child sound'(아들/자식 소리).
The consonants can't be spoken without vowels(the mother sound). They have to be combined with a vowel to form a syllable.
The apirated and tensed consonants are like doubled consonants. For pronunciation, you should not release any air.

Plain Aspirated Tense
ㄱ [g / k] ㅋ [k] ㄲ [kk]
ㄴ [n] - -
ㄷ [d / t] ㅌ [t] ㄸ [tt]
ㄹ [r / l] - -
ㅁ [m] - -
ㅂ [b / p] ㅍ [p] ㅃ [pp]
ㅅ [s] ㅆ [ss] -
ㅇ [ng] - -
ㅈ [j] ㅊ [ch] ㅉ [jj]
ㅎ [h] - -

See below to see how the consonants sound.

Consonants Pronunciation Romanization Sound
기역 Giyeuk
니은 Nieun
디귿 Digeut
리을 Rieul
미음 Mieum
비읍 Bieup
시옫 Siot
이응 Ieung
지읃 Jieut
치읃 Chieut
키윽 Kieuk
티읃 Tieut
피읍 Pieup
히읃 Hieut
쌍기역 SsangGiyeuk
쌍디귿 SsangDigeut
쌍비읍 SsangBieup
쌍시옷 SsangSiot
쌍지읒 SsangJieut

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