Counters 전용어

When using a counter, you will notice that most of them are used with native Korean numbers. However, many Koreans also use Sino-Korean numbers for counting large numbers, mostly above twenty.

Counters Examples

개 units, items

대 machines, cars

병 bottles

명 people


자루 knife, gun, pen

근 meat (600g)

그릇 bowl

의자 두 개 two chairs, 감자 여섯 개 six potatoes

자동차 두 대 two cars, 컴퓨터 한 대 one computer

와인 한 병 one bottle of wine, 맥주 두 병 two bottles of beer

학생 두 명 two students, 친구 다섯 명 five friends

고양이 열 마리 ten cats, 개 두 마리 two dogs

연필 다섯 자루 five pencils

쇠고기 두 근 1,200 grams of beef

밥 두 그릇 two bowls of rice

The word 몇 covers every counter question.


몇 층? What floor?
프랑스 레스토랑은 몇 층에 있어요? What floor is the French restaurant on?

몇 일? What day?
오늘(은) 몇 일이에요? What day is today?

몇 조각? How many pieces?
피자 몇 조각 드실래요? How many pieces of pizza do like to eat?

몇 시? What time?
내일 우리 몇 시에 만나요? What time do we meet tomorrow?

몇 살? How old?
몇 살이에요? How old are you?

몇 명(사람)? How many people?
파티에 몇 명(사람) 초대했어요? How many people did you invite to the party?

몇 벌? How many clothes?
옷 몇 벌 사셨어요? How many clothes did you buy?


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