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How to fix broken characters of Korean?

To fix broken Korean character, you should either install or change a display language.

1. Install the Language Pack Multilingual User Interface (MUI)

Windows 7 MUI Language Packs (32-bit and 64-bit)

Vista Ultimate x86 MUI Language Packs

Vista Ultimate x64 MUI Language Packs

Windows Vista SP1 MUI Language Packs for 32-bit (x86)

Windows Vista SP1 MUI 64-bit (x64)

Office XP Tool: Korean Language Pack


2. Set your browser to recognize Korean language internet sites.
1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to Tools → Internet Options
3) Click on Languages in the general tab.


3. Set your browser's "Character Set" or "Encoding" to Korean
Internet Explorer
Click View → Encoding → Korean

You can try View → Character Encoding → Auto-Detect → Universal

If Korean encoding doesn't work, try Unicode (UTF-8)


Still doesn't work? Then try this:
Go to Control Panel → Regional and Language Options → Administrative tab → Change system locale → Click Korean → Restart the computer


What will help to learn/improve my Korean(language)?

This is the question I mostly asked by our visitors. Meet Koreans, and chat with them. You will notice that many Koreans are willing to improve your Korean language skill by correcting your pronunciation or grammar. Or hire a Korean tutor. If you can't, watch Korean movies or dramas with subtitles and make sure the subtitle is in your mother-tongue language/English therefore you can understand the words and of course the whole script. Then you will slowly understand them without subtitles as time goes by. Also, listen to Korean radios or songs. Try translating the lyrics of your favorite Kpop and sing along. It's okay to use a dictionary or ask people. It will help you to understand and memorize vocabulary a fun way. And if you can, read Korean books, magazines, or newspapers to improve your reading skill.


What is the time difference in Korea?

Korea uses Korea Standard Time (KST). The standard time zone for North and South Korea is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)/GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +9 hours. Currently no daylight saving.



한글 Korean Alphabet

Syllable-Final Consonants


기본 한국어 Basic Korean

Basic Languages
Character Structure and Stem
Honorific Expression
Syllable Stress and Intonation
Word Order and Plural


필수 한국어 Essential Korean

Asking and Telling time
Numbers and Counters


문법 Grammars

Irregular Verbs
Past Tense

재미있는 자료 Fun Stuff

Random Korean Names [F]
Random Korean Names [M]
Themed Dictionary
Tongue Twisters