Syllable Stress and Intonation - 음절 강세와 어조

Unlike English and many other foreign languages, Korean words do not have stressed syllables. So when you speak Korean words, don't speak the way you speak English words. It will sound pretty strange and it's not going to make you sound like a native Korean. It doesn't matter whether the word is homonym or not.

어조 Intonation

Intonation is the rise and fall of the pitches. It show's one's emotions such as happiness, sarcasm, anger, sadness, or surprise, etc. Good intonation will make people more interesting to listen to your speech, and will also make listeners understand more easily. Anyway Korean has a very simple intonation rule. That is, except questions and statements are all non-final intonation.

상승조 Rising Intonaiton

Raise your voice at the end of a question only.

하강조 Falling Intonaiton

Lower your voice for statements.


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