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A Korean name consists of a first name and a family name. A one syllable family name with a two syllable first name is the most ideal and common Korean name. There is no middle name. Family names mostly consist of one syllable, and they are made of a generational name which is given only to males. For instance, when men and women get married, they all keep their full names, and their children inherit the father's family name. The top Korean family names are Kim(김, 金), Lee(이, 李), Park(박, 朴) and Choi(최, 崔).

Korean names use the Chinese writing system. Family names are based on Chinese characters and also many first names are. However, there are many people with pure Korean names. So, if you want a Korean name and there is a certain Korean word that you really like, and is less than three syllable, you might consider it as your Korean first name.

It is hard to know the meaning of one's first name since the person tells you. For example, if there is a girl with first name 지민(jimin). Koreans assume it's the combination of two Chinese characters since there is no such good meaning for a name(it's an old word meaning a citizen). There are about over fifty Chinese characters used in Korea for each 지 and 민. So if there are two girls with a name 지민, one's meaning can be earth(지) and heaven(민) and another one's can be 지(wisdom) 민(a citizen).

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