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속어 Slang

스포 To tell the summary of movies or books beforehand. e.g.스포하지 마. 그 영화 아직 안봤어. Don't tell the story. I didn't watch that movie yet.
신데렐라 Derived from Cinderella, and it means pretty much the same. It points at someone who leaves at exact twelve o’clock.
시살생 A person who survived from a difficult exam.
솔까말 A shortened form of '솔직히 까놓고 말해서..', meaning 'to be frank'.
생파 A shortened form of '생일파티', meaning 'a birthday party'.
스샷 A shortened form of '스크린샷', meaning 'screenshot'.
썩소 It literally means 'a rotten smile', a smile of an ugly person.
씹히다. To be ignored.
씹다. To talk about someone badly.
쌩얼 No makeup face.
살앙해 Saying 'I love you.' cutely.
생선 A shortened form of '생일 선물', meaning 'a birthday present'.
선리후감 A compound word of 먼저 선(先) and 리플 and 뒤 후(後) and 감상, meaning 'To add an online comment first then read.'
쉴드치다. Derived from English 'to shield', meaning 'to protect someone or something'.
셀카 A shortened form of '셀프 카메라'(self-camera), meaning 'to take a picture of myself'.
스겜 A shortened form of '스피드 게임'(a speed game), meaning a fast game. It is used in online games. For example, '스겜하자' means 'let's play fast'.
쏘맥 Soju and beer


여친 A shortened form of "여자친구", meaning girlfriend. In Korea, it indicates a girlfriend who is more than just a friend = a lover. Whether your friend is a boy or girl, a friend is just a friend '친구'. If you want to point your opposite gender friend, '이성 친구', literally means 'an opposite gender friend', is for it. '동성 친구' for a same gender friend. There is no slang for them.
아놔 An expression used when one loses a temper.
엣지있다. Derived from English 'edge'. It is used to compliment one's good look.
용자 A shortened form of '용기있는 자', meaning a brave man.
잉여 Stupid
잉여짓 A compound word of '잉여' and '짓' , meaning 'doing stupid things'.
잉여킹 A compound word of '잉여' and '킹'(king), meaning a stupid/useless person.
안습 A shortened form of '안구에 습기가 차다.' It literally means the pupil got damp. It is used when one is sad or something makes one cry.

A shortened form of '엑스 박스'. It has two meanings. Firstly, it literally means a box with an x. It indicates an icon which appears online when the data of a video or picture is deleted.

This is 엑박 >엑박

Secondly, it is a shortened form of a game console Xbox.

엄친아 A shortened form of '엄마친구의 아들'. So called mom's friend's son who is smart, kind, handsome, tall and/or rich, and not lacking anything.
엄친녀 A shortened form of '엄마친구의 딸'. So called mom's friend's daughter who is smart, kind, pretty, tall and/or rich, and not lacking anything.
열공 A shortened form of '열심히 공부하다.', meaning 'to study hard'.
열폭 A shortened form of '열등감 폭발', meaning 'to feel inferior'. it is used to a person who is jealous of someone.
완소 A shortened form of '완전한 미소'(a perfect smile), '완전히 소중함'(very precious), or '완벽하게 소중한 사람'(a perfectly precious person).

A shortened form of '완전히 소중한 남자', meaning 'a very precious man.'


A shortened form of '완전히 소중한 여자', meaning 'a very precious woman.'

엄허 An expression used cutely, 'oh, dear!'.
엄허나 An expression used cutely, 'oh, my!'.
악플 A compound word of a Chinese character 악할 악(惡) and '리플'. It means ' a bad comment'.
악플러 A person who's writing bad comments.
얼짱 A shortened form of '얼굴 짱', meaning 'a pretty or handsome one'.
얼빵 A shortened form of '얼굴 빵점', which literally means 'a zero scored face'. Ugly.
앵벌이 Killing mosters only to obtain game items or game money rather than focusing level up.
오크 Ugly
오크녀 An ugly woman
오크남 An ugly man
엘프 Pretty
엘프녀 A pretty woman
와이파이 A wife